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Wiregrams Memory Wire $18.50

Wiregrams are pre-shaped pieces of memory wire fun to use in magic tricks or just to amaze your friends and yourself. Straightened carefully by hand, they look like any piece of standard metal wire. But, just dip one in hot water and watch it spontaneously change into its preset form!

Wiregrams are made from a shape memory alloy. Shape memory alloys undergo phase transitions - rearrangements of the atoms that alter the crystal structure of the metal - at different temperatures before they melt. The original configuration for the piece is set while keeping it above its phase transition temperature. The material is then cooled rapidly (quenched) to "lock in" the starting configuration. Once cooled, it can be re-shaped into any configuration. Heating it again, without constraining its shape, above the transition temperature causes the original shape to reappear as the higher temperature crystalline configuration forms.

An open flame, carefully applied, will also cause the shape transformation. Click here to watch a short video of the effect.

Sold individually. Available in the pre-shaped forms: Jack of Spades, Three of Hearts, Seven of Hearts, Seven of Diamonds, Eight of Hearts, or Ace of Spades. If you have a first and second preference, please indicate in the comments when ordering.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

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