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Secret Messages Lab $12.50

Cryptography-the spy science of secret messages-is everywhere secrets are kept: on the Internet, in bank ATMs, businesses, the military, and more.

The Secret Messages Lab introduces codes, ciphers, and hidden message techniques through a series of 18 missions.

Since one must have a partner for secret sharing, this kit contains two of most items - including the instruction book.

The list of missions is found below. Most topics include a note on their historical significance.

  • Codes

    • Mission 1: Code Talkers - Native American Heroes
      • Choctaw soldiers in WW I. Choctaw, Comanche, and Navajo soldiers in WW II.

  • Ciphers

    • Mission 2: Making 2500 Year Old Machines
      • A scytale cipher from the Spartans of ancient Greece.

    • Mission 3: Tricky Transpositions

    • Mission 4: The Ceasar Cipher
      • Julius Ceasar and possibly the ancient Egyptians.

    • Mission 5: The Keyboard Cipher

    • Mission 6: The Telephone Cipher

    • Mission 7: The Pigpen Cipher
      • Aka the Mason Cipher. U.S. Cival War Confederate soldiers and the Freemasons.

    • Mission 8: Basic Cypher Wheels
      • From the Italian architect Leon Battista Alberti, the father of Western cryptography.

    • Mission 9: The Polybius Checkerboard
      • From Polybius, a Greek worker in ancient Rome.

    • Mission 10: Advanced Cipher Wheels
      • Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. President.

  • Hidden Messages

    • Mission 11: The Cover-up
      • Using wax (crayons).

    • Mission 12: Now You See it, Now You Don't
      • Disappearing ink fun.

    • Mission 13: Seeing Red

  • Codebreaking

    • Mission 14: Basic Breaking
      • British mathematicians versus Enigma during WW II.

  • Cool Stuff

    • Mission 15: Braille

    • Mission 16: American Sign Language
      • Clear diagrams for finger spelling.

    • Mission 17: It's In the Book!
      • Book codes and the Beale Ciphers story.

    • Mission 18: Dot's All

Ages 8 years and up.

WARNING! Choking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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