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Silver Aquitaine Sundial $175.00

In stock!

This handcrafted Sterling Silver Aquitaine sundial combines science and historical romance. The result is a stunning replica of the one that Eleanor of Aquitaine presented to King Henry II of England.

Eleanor of Aquitaine married Louis IV of France in 1137 shortly before his ascension to the throne. She bore him two daughters. That marriage was annulled in 1152 when her husband questioned her fidelity.

Historical legend tells of the sundial Eleanor gave to Henry Plantagenet (King Henry II) of England in that same year. In response, he had one made for Eleanor that was inlaid with diamonds. It was engraved with the words Carpe Diem (Sieze the Day).

How to tell time with the Aquitaine.

Eleanor and Henry were married in 1152. There were three daughters and five sons borne of this marriage.

These two marriages provided spark and fuel for a long term struggle between England and France.

The Aquitaine is handcrafted in Sterling Silver. It comes with a 30 inch, black silk cord and instructions.

Dimensions: 1ΒΌ inches (3.2 cm) in diameter.

Made in Canada.

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