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Zome Nanotube Kit $39.50

Explore the shape of things to come with this exciting new nanotube kit, part of the Zome professional series. Complete directions on constructing models of Buckeyballs, nanotubes, and domed nanotubes are included with this kit. Makes a great visual for professionals or an exciting project for the younger scientist.

The use and engineering of nanotubes is at the forefront of nanotechnology. They are already used to strengthen new composite materials, who knows where they will turn up next?

Nanotubes are like stretched out and lengthened Buckyballs. They have been used in graphite fiber composites for stealth and aviation materials long before we even knew they were nanotubes! Now, they are being developed to make superconducting nanowires, single atom lasers, and chemical nanosensors for toxic materials and explosives. The potential applications are incredible! To learn more about how nanotubes are formed, click here.

275 parts: 110 white Zome Balls, 105 short blue struts, 50 short yellow struts, and 10 medium blue struts.

AGES: 14 to adult, not recommended for those under 12.

WARNING! Swallowing/choking danger. Not for children under 3 years of age.

Made in USA

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