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Night Skies - One Dozen Assorted $18.00

Sending a beautiful card is nearly as nice as receiving one. Your notes and letters that will be enjoyed for a long time.

We've selected a dozen of our favorite cards with a night skies theme and put them into a stationary box.

Nine of the cards are horizontally oriented and three are vertical as shown in the image at right. Each card has text on the back that describes the photograph.

The twelve cards beginning at the upper left are as follows.

  • Row 1
    • Andromeda Galaxy
    • Discovering the Universe (Milky Way Galaxy)
    • Lunar Eclipse
  • Row 2
    • Pinwheel Galaxy M83
    • Neptune
    • Lightning Storm over Los Angeles
  • Row 3
    • Saturn
    • The Pleiades
    • Moon with Earthshine
  • Row 4
    • Hourglass Nebula
    • Earthrise
    • Trifid Nebula

Contents: twelve cards printed on recycled paper and envelopes.

Dimensions: 5" x 7" (12.7 cm x 17.8 cm).

Printed in California, USA.

Gift wrap orders: input salutation in the comment section at the end of the ordering process.

Available Options:
Gift wrap:
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