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Hands-On Marvelous Ball Book $22.00

From the Scientific American Books for Young Readers series, this book is one part children's fantasy story in which Jimmy discovers a marvelous ball that keeps shifting its shape, size, and color, and also an intriguing geometry activity book with colorful illustrations. Includes diagrams and instructions for making three-dimensional geometric figures from simple materials: thin paper plates, bobby pins, and masking tape. Full of energy, this book will appeal to kids ages 6-13. A great way to introduce a discussion of geometry.

  • Hardcover, 48pp.
  • Publisher: W.H Freeman & Co., 1995, New York.
  • ISBN: 0-7167-6628-0
  • Dimensions: 11¼" x 8¾" x 3/8"

From the dust jacket...

Jimmy found a ball rolling on the ground. Isn't that strange without a hill around?

Hold onto your hats -- and your paper plates, masking tape and bobby pins -- and join Jimmy on his adventure through the whole world of the ball and the constantly changing 3-D shapes that are its parts.

In unconventional verse that makes leaps as surprising as the ball itself, Bradford Hansen-Smith will show you how to build from the whole into parts and open up a new way of looking at the world around you.

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