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Student Spectrometer $295.00

An economically priced spectrometer capable of performing most atomic and optical experiments including:

  • emission or absorption spectra,
  • internal angles of prisms,
  • refractive index of a prism.

Consists of a heavy base with 170 mm diameter finely divided circle that rotates independently and has a locking screw. The collimator is fixed, with adjustable axis, a focusing objective lens, and variable aperture slit.

The telescope is moveable with a set screw for coarse positioning and a fine motion screw. The telescope pillar carries a vernier scale for accurate angle measurements. It has a focusing objective lens, Ramsden eyepiece with crosshair and locking ring for focus lock.

The prism table has three leveling screws and engraved lines for accurate, reproducible prism placement in measurements. It comes complete with a prism clamp (for using the available crown glass prism), a grating holder (for using the alternate diffraction grating), and a Tommy Bar for axis adjustment. Instructions included.

Please allow an extra day or two for shipping of spectrometers.

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