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Original Mirage® $45.00

This is the Original Mirage® - since 1977.

A gift from science no one can touch!

The Mirage produces stunningly realistic 3-D holographic images - full of color and bright. Don't settle for dim, distorted images. Quality matters in optics and the original is still the best.

Your friends and colleagues will be doing a double take as they reach for items and find that they are not atop, but within the Mirage. (Try placing a few coins inside and watch as others reach for them...)

Two first surface parabolic mirrors act in concert to reflect the actual light rays so that they focus at the center hole. To learn more about how these concave parabolic mirrors produce images click here.

Optics dictates the use front surface mirrors. Only the Mirage mirrors have Micro-glass protection allowing for careful cleaning per the included instructions.

WARNING: This is not a child's toy. Do not place in direct sunlight! The parabolic mirrors focus light, including sunlight.

Dimensions: 9 inch (22.9 cm) diameter mirrors. Surface tolerance is 5/1,000,000,000 of an inch (1.3E-08 cm).

Made in the USA

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