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Hooke's Law $23.60

Everything you need to investigate the spring force.
Verify Hooke's Law and research simple harmonic motion.

Our Hooke's Law kit includes the stand with scale, spring, slotted weights, and weight holder. Measure the stretching force of a spring by balancing it against the weight of the calibrated slotted weights.

Earth's gravity exerts a downward force Fgrav = mg on the suspended mass m. (Earth's gravity has a field strength of about g = 981 cm/s2.) The spring stretches until it produces a force, FHooke, to exactly counter the gravitational force. By measuring how far the spring stretches in response to varying applied weights, the nature of the spring force can be examined.
See how far the spring stretches in response to a change in the suspended mass. Verify the Hooke's Law relationship -
FHooke = kx, and find the Hooke's law constant, k, of your spring. Try before you buy! Visit our virtual Hooke's law lab.

But, there's more!

If a spring is displaced a small amount from equilibrium, it will oscillate up and down with a constant frequency. The Hooke's Law kit, with your watch, lets you investigate how this works, too. Does the frequency of motion depend on how far you stretch the spring? On the suspended mass? Theory says, for small oscillations: the amplitude of the motion depends on how far you move the spring from equilibrium, yet the frequency (or period) depends only on the spring constant and the suspended mass. What does this look like? Try the virtual simple harmonic oscillation lab for a Hooke's Law spring, to see.

Dimensions: stands about 11" - 12" (28-30 cm) high.


  • Base with stand
  • Spring assembly with weight holder, indicator
  • Engraved scale
  • Set of 5 slotted 50 g weights

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