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Inclined Plane with deluxe accessories package $93.00

The classic system for experimenting with the effects of Earth's gravity on rolling and sliding objects. Discover the constant acceleration of Earth's gravity as Galileo did. Investigate the balance of forces in the style of Sir Isaac Newton.

Students can determine the coefficient of static friction and the coefficient of sliding friction as well as verify the normal and frictional components of the force exerted by the plane. Examine the mechanical advantage and efficiency of an inclined plane. Balance forces along the plane with a free hanging weight. The wooden inclined plane can be set at any angle between 0 and 45 on the metal protractor, or to a specified height at the elevated end.

The set includes:

  • A 23½" x 3¾" (600 x 95 mm) hardwood inclined plane, about ¾" (20 mm) thick. Hinged to a hardwood base and fitted with a pulley at the free end
  • Plane is fitted with an aluminum arc graduated both vertically and angularly
  • Inclined plane can be fixed at any angle up to 45° or at a suitable height with a clamping wing nut
  • Heavy, cylindrical plated metal roller
  • 2 hardwood blocks with hooks, one 200 x 70 mm (7 7/8" x 2¾"), other 100 x 70 mm (4" x 2¾")
  • Heavy Steel Block 100 x 75 mm (4" x 2¾") with hook
  • Hall's carriage
  • Scale Pan

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