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Slinky® Jr. $2.95

Everyone loves a Slinky®! This smaller version is perfect for cluttered desks and lab tables. The original spring toy is famous with children of all ages, all over the world. It stretches, snaps back, and makes a "slinkity sound." [Do you remember the Slinky song?]

A Slinky® is a fascinating spring. What differentiates it from other springs is the amount of stretchiness compared to its mass, the ratio of 'spring pull' to 'spring mass' is small compared to a common spring. Scientists refer to this as the spring constant to mass ratio, written as "k/m".

The Slinky is so loved that there is an entire web site, http://slinky.org, devoted to nearly every conceivable aspect of this toy.

Slinky® Jr. has a 2" (5 cm) diameter. Click here for a standard size Slinky®.

WARNING! Potential choking hazard. Keep away from children under 3 years of age.

Made in PA

Made in Pennsylvania

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