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Original Hoberman Sphere - Rainbow
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Mini Lights Necklaces (36 in, 42 in) $5.00

Light up your day! Or, decorate with these little 'lights'. The bulbs have a brightly colored metallic coating. They're great for the office, in the lab, and at home - and they look great with a T-shirt, too.

Another great idea from Carolyn Forsman. She refers to these as "Christmas lights for electrically challenged Lilliputians."

    Top 10 reasons to buy these mini lights:
  • 10. Necklace, stupid
  • 9. Wrap it 'round your wrist
  • 8. Decorate a bonsai xmas tree
  • 7. De-light-ful stocking stuffer
  • 6. Office xmas party favor
  • 5. Energy saving
  • 4. Lights guaranteed not to blow
  • 3. En-light-ening teacher gift
  • 2. Cheap, yeah, that's it, cheap
  • 1. Did I say cheap?

Ever wonder how come your old holiday lights all went out when just one bulb is burnt out? Why don't the newer light strings do that? Click here for the answer. (The non-Java version is here.)

Gift wrap orders: input salutation in the comment section at the end of the ordering process.

P.S. These necklaces do not light up. There are no wires, batteries, or LED's involved. Suffice to say our Lilliputians are truly electrically challenged!

Available Options:
Gift wrap:
Necklace length:
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