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Indoor Garden Chime $85.00

Here is a fantastic pairing of physics and art. These chimes run using either natural or artificial light energy. The chime frequency depends on the intensity of the light source.

The solar cell turns light into electricity. It acts like the reverse of a light emitting diode (LED). In the case of an LED you supply electrical energy by means of a battery or a wall socket. The current causes the LED to light up. With the solar cell, light is converted into electrical energy. These solar chimes store that electrical energy (in a capacitor) until there is enough energy to move the clapper. When the electrical energy is released, the clapper moves and you hear the chimes. Really cool!

Made in the great state of Michigan, USA by gifted artists, these chimes are remarkable.

The garden chimes look great with traditional or contemporary decor. Under low light conditions it chimes every few minutes. This chime is a combination of beautifully delicate tones - not at all brassy. Listen to the chimes.

The chime's stand is constructed of sturdy lightweight metal and stands about 15" (38 cm) high.

Available in your choice of Plum, Terra Cotta, Stone, Verdigris, or Blue. (Please allow extra time for Plum or Terra Cotta as they will be ordered for you.) You can indicate your preference in the options section below.

If you want a contemporary look, see the spiral solar chime.

Gift wrap orders: input salutation in the comment section at the end of the ordering process.

Available Options:
Gift wrap:
Shade Color:
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