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Ultra Blue Glow Powder - 1 oz. $25.90

Ultra Blue Glow in the Dark Powder is a pigment glows a bright aqua blue or turquoise color. During the day, this powder is nearly clear with a white-blue tint.

It can be used in a variety of mediums including plastic, paint, fiberglass, concrete, wax, and gel.

  • Brightness Rating: Very High (9416)
  • Duration: Very Long (9 hours)
  • Glow Color: Aqua Blue
  • Daytime Color: Very Light Blue-Green
  • Not compatible with water-based mediums
  • Very Bright, Long Duration, Unique Color

Chemical makeup of the raw glow pigment is Alkaline Rare Earth Metal Silicate.

Planning to mix your own paint? Read this first.

We recommend the pre-mixed paints as they use a paint base specifically formulated for this glow-in-the-dark powder. The solvent-based paints are available within the 48 contiguous United States, while the water-based paints can be shipped anywhere. If you want to mix it up yourself, the recommendations for mixing are as follows:

  1. Mix one ounce powder to four ounces paint. More may cause the paint not to stick to the wall, less will be dim.

  2. Do your best to find a medium that does not have UV filters. UV filters hinder the ability of the glow in the dark powder to charge with energy. If that is not an option, test only small amounts and compare brightness and charge times to raw glow powder.

  3. We highly recommend that you use clear mediums and then paint or mold any daytime colors underneath or behind of the glow layer as a base coat. Do not use water-based products with the Ultra Blue powder.

  4. You need to shake the medium for an extended period before each use, and about every 15 minutes during use, to keep the powder particles suspended properly. If your application of the paint is not consistent, then any variation of thickness will show up when glowing. For example, a typical brush will have brush strokes that are hidden with real paint but will quickly show up with glow in the dark paint.
    Thicker mediums have less of a problem because they naturally provide support to the particles.

Sold by weight. 1 ounce per package.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Ultra Blue Glow Powder.

Manufactured in Maryland, USA.

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