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Folding the Circle: Book 1 $15.50

Explore Folding of the Circle: Activity Book 1 is the first in Bradford Hansen-Smith's new series of hands-on instructions for folding circles. This book contains the first steps in generating information and some amazingly beautiful and complex forms by simply folding and joining circles.

Hansen-Smith's revolutionary approach delves into the comprehensive nature of the circle, or that demonstrate the information revealed through folding. This work provides an in-depth exploration of the reformation and transformational nature of the circle, as well as demonstrates the pattern base for the geometric patterns observed in nature from folding circles. There are plenty of books that give geometric and mathematical descriptions of observations about the design and forms observed in nature and the circle as an abstract basis for construction of diagrams.

Folding circles is about patterns and how they are formed, reformed, and transformed that is experiential and understandable through the studentís own observations. This series of spiral-bound activity guides contains information about art, patterns and design, geometry, crafts, origami, mathematics, and more. Useful in the classroom, homeschooling, or for self-study.

We use the cheapest 9" paper plates for the circles to construct our models. Just flatten the plates with your hands and fold! Some kids like to color them first.

Published in 2006 by Wholemovement Publications. Paperback, spiral bound. 64 pp.


  • The Five Platonic Solids
  • Three Primary Polyhedra
  • One Principled Pattern

ISBN: 0-9766773-2-6

Dimensions: 11" x 9" x 3/16".

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