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Firefly GID Hoberman Mini Sphere
Firefly GID Hoberman Mini Sphere
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Rainbow arches - 22 piece set $52.50

Stacked rainbow arches.
Click to enlarge.
A different kind of block!

Rainbow Classic Blox by Tieramid provides hours of cooperative play. These colorful blocks, designed as an educational toy, are a three-dimensional activity that's a great addition to a family or reception area.

The solid wood blocks are stained using non-toxic materials so the natural wood grain is clearly visible. 22 individual pieces fit together to make a 4.5" high and 7.5" diameter cylinder as shown above on the left.

Rainbow blocks.
Click to enlarge.

Like to play games? The Rainbow Arches set has an optional 52 deck of multilingual playing cards (English with translations to Spanish, German, Italian, and French). Each card displays a two- or three-dimensional pattern that can be constructed from the blocks. Difficulty levels range from one to three for ages from three to adult.

Tieramid logo. Ladybug.
Car pattern. Wave pattern.
Pattern playing cards.
Click to enlarge.
Click an image to enlarge.

Warning: potential choking hazard - not for children under three years of age.

Get your two free Tieramid playing cards in pdf format.

Gift wrap orders: input salutation in the comment section at the end of the ordering process.

Available Options:
Deck of playing cards?:
Gift wrap:
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