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Physics From the Inside - Out $20.00

Physics From The Inside - Out offers a different way of relating to some of the basic ideas of modern physics. The path it follows through the description of our universe relates to "size," ranging from the very small to the very large.

By asking what "small" means in our universe, it challenges your personal assumptions by linking concepts that span history. Ideas and theories are proposed, analyzed, and discarded in the history of science, only to be reformulated in current times. By the time you get to stars, galaxies, and more, you will see that we have come full circle in our historical persepective and our physical understanding of space and time.

Physics From The Inside - Out weaves past and present concepts together in a way that is accessible to everyone. It offers a non-mathematical view throughout, but includes relevant mathematical detail for the adventurous.

ISBN: 0970375905

From the Publisher

Dr. Michael Cohen has written a straightforward and compelling narrative of the ideas at the heart of modern physics, and hidden much more inside. By designing it as a "website on a CD" that is read with a web browser, a wealth of information resides below the top layer of the story. Some of the content requires an internet connection to access. Interactive examples of key concepts aid in understanding too. The author also maintains a discussion site for interested readers that can be reached from the book's menus.

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