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Eye-on-the-Ball Teleidoscope
Eye-on-the-Ball Teleidoscope
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Design-A-View Kaleidoscope $85.50

View inside the Eye Pod kaleidoscope.
Free your artisitic impulse! Personalize the view through your own kaleidoscope with the Chromascope Eye Pod.

Four powerful button magnets make it easy to separate the cell from the main body of the scope. The open cell let's you view infinite combinations of objects, just place them in the 'pod'. The parts of the scope re-attach in a snap, and you're ready to delight in the results! This three-mirror kaleidoscope is covered in a black velvety material.

    The origin of the word kaleidoscope speaks to the splendid images they make for us. Kaleidoscope finds its roots in the Greek word kalos meaning "beautiful", the Indo-european eidos that means "form", and scope that is Greek for "to see".

The Eye Pod kaleidoscopes are individually crafted in California at David Kalish's studio. Each comes boxed with printed instructions and a packet of 'stuff' to get you started.

Read Dr. Jen's kaleidoscope tutorial!

Dimensions: 5 1/2'' tall x 3'' diameter (14 cm x 7.6 cm).

Made in USA

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