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Cup of Tantalus $50.00

Is it a legend brought to life, or the world's classiest dribble glass? Maybe you see it as a striking classroom demonstration of a siphon!

Another intriguing product from the makers of our Klein bottles, the Cup of Tantalus is a handmade wine glass with a siphon inside. At the start, the cup fills normally. When a critical depth is reached, the siphon starts and empties the glass.

In Greek mythology, Tantalus, king of Lydia, was the son of Zeus in Greek mythology, king of the gods and husband of Hera (Roman god Jupiter). A favorite of the gods, he was often invited to dine at their feasts. But Tantalus angered the gods. To punish Tantalus, the gods placed him in a pool of water in the underworld that was surrounded by fruit trees. When he went to drink, the water would recede. When he tried to eat the fruit, it moved out of reach.

Dimensions: Approximately 3" dia. x 5 1/8" tall.

Individually hand-crafted in California, U.S.A.

Gift wrap orders: input salutation in the comment section at the end of the ordering process.

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