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Push-pull Force Meter - 10 N $16.95

Measure a push. Measure a pull.

Click image to enlarge.

This force meter uses spring compression to measure either a push or a pull as shown in the photographs.

The perfect answer to the question...

Is it easier to push or pull a weight up an inclined plane? Does it make any difference?

Students see the answer for themselves with this force meter.

The push rod has a flat side that can be marked in dry marker (on the grams side of the meter) to make your own scale in experiments.

  • Compression spring scale measures pushing or pulling force
  • Doubles as a standard spring scale.
  • Easy thumbscrew to zero.
  • Dual scale.
    • To 10 Newtons
    • To 1 kilogram
  • Flat face on extended rod to make your own scale.
  • Transparent acrylic lets you see the spring compress and relax.
  • Sturdy acrylic and metal construction.
  • Color coded for size (10 N is tan).
  • Accurate to about ±3%

Click to enlarge.

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