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Colorful parafoil kite. Thunder cruiser pop-pop flash steam engine boats.
Galileo thermometer.
Orange and purple Bobile kinetic sculpture. Table top barometer.
Atomic and hurricane style Whirl-O magnetic tops. Newtons cradle.
Atomic weather clock.
Levitron levitating globe.


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Welcome! We are glad that you are here. Take your time browsing through science products by department or by Area of Physics.

Our products are individually selected to offer you high quality at an affordable price. When it is feasible we investigate the working conditions where our science products are made, to ensure that workers have been fairly compensated for their efforts. We are particularly pleased to be able to carry items by individual artisans.

As a small family-owned store we have low overhead costs. This translates into competitive pricing and a high level of customer service.

If you are happy with the Science Store, tell others. If you are not, please tell us.

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