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March 2003

Week of 30 March 2003

    • Using nanotechnology to stop human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV) from entering cells is the ultimate aim of a new project at the University of California, Davis. The researchers hope to create tiny particles that can interfere with the proteins that viruses such as HIV use to attach to cells.
    • Could spacecraft powered by a new wax be safer and cheaper? . . The idea of using wax as rocket fuel isn't new. People tried it years ago but couldn't get the wax to work well enough to launch a heavy rocket into space. The engineers now bracing against the roar of their wax-filled engines suspect, however, that their predecessors were indeed onto something. If that's true, paraffin wax could become the world's cheapest, safest, most environmentally friendly rocket fuel.

Week of 23 March 2003

Week of 9 March 2003


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