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April 2003

Week of 27 April 2003

Week of 20 April 2003

    • Researchers found surprising evidence of sea salt and frozen plankton in high, cold, cirrus clouds, the remnants of Hurricane Nora, over the U.S. plains states. Although the 1997 hurricane was a strong eastern Pacific storm, her high ice-crystal clouds extended many miles inland, carrying ocean phenomena deep into the U.S. heartland.

Week of 6 April 2003

    • Delicate threads of spider's silk are about to solve a major problem in photonics: how to make hollow optical fibers narrow enough to carry light beams around the fastest nanoscale optical circuits. To make the fibers, Yushan Yan and a team of engineers from the University of California at Riverside give the sik thread a glassy coating, and then extract the silk by baking. They soon expect to be able to make hollow fibers with cores just two nanometers wide - or 50,000 times thinner than a human hair.



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