The Physics of ASTRO-BLASTER
Dr. Stirling A. Colgate - Astrophysicist


"ASTRO-BLASTER illustrates the laws of conservation of momentum and energy during the creation of a supernova (an old star, that having exhausted its nuclear fuel, collapses upon itself in less than a second). A shock wave speeds outward from the center through the collapsed material, moving faster and faster as it reaches less dense layers toward the surface, The shock wave accelerates an outermost thin layer of the collapsed star to relativistic speeds, creating 'cosmic rays' that spread throughout out the galaxy.

The gravitational collapse of the dying star is illustrated by the ASTRO-BLASTER falling to the surface. The shock wave accelerating outward through the star is illustrated by a wave of increasing speed as the result of the impact which is felt by the lighter balls nearer the top. The supernova explosion and release of cosmic rays is illustrated by the rapid departure of the top ball at high speed."