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Welcome to Sky View Café 2.0

Sky View Café is a Java applet that lets you use your web browser to see many types of astronomical information, in both graphical and numerical form. You can see which stars and planets will be out tonight in the sky above your home town, see how the next solar or lunar eclipse will look from Los Angeles, or find out when the Moon rose over Sydney on your birthday ten years ago. Sky View Café includes star charts, a 3-D orrery, displays of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, an astronomical event calendar, an ephemeris generator, and many other features

To provide all of this takes a large Java applet -- Sky View Café is around 340K in size. If you're using a modem, especially if you're connecting at 28.8K or less, you'll need to be patient for the applet to load. Future visits will often be much faster if your web browser has kept this applet cached. If you're fortunate enough to have a high-speed internet connection, you should be able to breeze right in.

Yes, I know Sky View Café might take a minute or two to load. Show me the applet!

Nah. If I don't see something happen in three seconds, I'll just figure the web site doesn't work.


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*Version 1.0.4 was rated "Top 25%". Version 2.0 is awaiting review.

11/29/2002 14:38